kaffrine_sepI’m an ecologist and currently a postdoc at the University of Colorado Boulder with Joel Hartter’s group.  My research asks how and why rural people make adaptive livelihood decisions.  I work mostly in the tropics, but my interests extend to working lands and resource-linked communities in the western U.S. as well.  Ultimately I’m interested in applying research on people’s interactions with their surrounding natural and social environments to challenges of biodiversity conservation and natural resource management.

As an ecologist focusing on people, I draw from an interdisciplinary background in the quantitative social and natural sciences, relying most heavily on evolutionary approaches to understanding human behavior.  My research interests include the following:

  • Household decision-making regarding migration and livelihoods
  • Human dimensions of biodiversity conservation
  • Adaptive decisions to climate and environmental change
  • Cooperation and local governance regarding shared natural resources


This site contains the sort of information we expect from an academic on the job market.  Please fish around, and feel free to shoot me an email.

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